Friday, May 18, 2012

Upcoming Appearances

It's mid-May; how the heck did that happen? I can't believe the year is nearly half-gone, and there's so much left to do. Makes me wish I was eight again. When you're a kid, a single day could last for ages, especially if it was close to Christmas or summer vacation. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to an event horizon, come to think of it. Someone should write a story about that.

But the headlong rush of May signifies two things: first, that I'll be a year older in just a couple of weeks, and second, that convention season is almost upon us. Which concerns me the most? The conventions, naturally.

This year's schedule is looking to be a busy one. As of this moment, I'll be attending (*counts fingers*) six conventions, between now and the end of October:

World Steam Expo (May 25-28, Dearborn, MI): I'll be a guest at World Steam Expo next week, among such luminaries as Gail Carriger and Jay Lake. This will be my first Steampunk convention, and I can't wait to go - even if I'll be woefully under-dressed.

HeroesCon (June 22-24, Charlotte, NC): I'll be an attending professional at HeroesCon, hanging out at Janet's table in the exhibitor hall and holding her legions of adoring fans at bay.

San Diego Comic Con (July 12-15, San Diego, CA): Once again, I'll be an attending professional, helping Janet at her small press booth. If I fail to make it back from this one, tell my dog I loved him. Also tell him to stop digging up the backyard looking for moles. I mean, seriously. It's like a moonscape back there.

Dragon*Con (August 31-September 3), Atlanta, GA): I will be returning as a guest to Dragon*Con this year, and helping Janet at her table. The convention might not do me in, but Doc Whoopee's famous room parties might. I can think of worse ways to die.

Baltimore Comic Con (September 8-9, Baltimore, MD): That's right; the weekend after Dragon*Con, I'll be at Baltimore Comic Con as an attending professional zombie, or a zombie professional, or something. Maybe we'll have a contest to decide. I don't know.

New York Comic Con (October 11-14, NYC): This one is tentative right now, but in theory I'll be there as an attending professional, assisting Janet (see a pattern, here?) and maybe taking in a Broadway show. There will definitely be tea at Alice's Tea Cup, of that I am sure.

The astute Warhammer fans reading have already no doubt surmised that I will not be attending Games Day in Chicago this year. Sorry, guys. Maybe next year.

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